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Lithium-ion batteries are becoming a way of life, which gradually replace the essential application of lead-acid battery for electric vehicles, energy storage, etc,. 

However, having been engaged in the lithium-ion battery industry for a long time, and hearing the terrible news of explosion and fire that caused by lithium-ion batteries randomly, Ibofit technology fully realizes the safety concerns of lithium-ion battery application.

Therefore, Ibofit chooses lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4, or LFP), which proves to be one of the safest chemistry of all lithium-ion batteries, to develop our products line.

With the principle of ‘Safety Above All’, Ibofit dedicated to providing top quality low voltage energy storage battery packs. 

To achieve this goal, Ibofit gathers a team of professional engineers, optimizes our supply chain, and develops regional agencies to provide prompt services at the same time.

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Ibofit have been delivering quality, reliable and safe battery solutions worldwide for over 50 years. Our battery products are designed and manufactured using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and subject to the most stringent quality control. This process is key to ensuring both consistency and reliability with any product that carries the Ibofit name.

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From drop-in-ready products to custom solutions, Ibofit lithium iron phosphate batteries are one of the most durable and reliable energy sources on the market. And, they’re perfect for powering a wide variety of applications such as golf carts, sailboats, commercial equipment, and more. Take the next step in green energy with rechargeable LiFePO4 batteries.

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Revolutionary, reliable green energy, we’re Ibofit. Specializing in providing industry-leading lithium iron phosphate batteries, our LiFePO4 batteries are recognized for their reliability, chemical stability, and advanced technology. 

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Our solar kits are maintenance-free, durable, and highly reliable for a variety of applications.


LiFEPO4 and Deep Cycle AGM are great solutions for any Off Grid applications.


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Dear customer, the 100ah lifepo4 battery dimensions:12.95*6.77*8.42inch/329*172*214mm, weight:24.2lb/11kg.

48v max via 4 batteries in series. That is the max. You’d need 2 36v in series to get 72v.

Hi, A single battery all has this function ,BMS will balance the voltage.

Yes, you can connect 6pcs in parallel and no more than 10pcs, or you can connect 3 x 200ah battery in parallel.

Hi, thanks for your question. Yes, of course, our 100AH battery can handle 300amps for up to 5 seconds.100AH battery low temp cutoff can handle 300amps for up to 20 seconds.

The same : all have low temperature cut-off protection function.

The difference: 100ah weighs only 24.2LB. 100ah Plus weighs 33LB, and the actual current can reach 107ah.100ah consists of 4pcs cells connected in series,100ah plus has 12pcs cells inside, connected 4pcs in series and 3pcs in parallel.

You mean the battery drops down to 13.6 when not on a charger ?Resting state 100% charged it will sit around 13.6 .Charge voltage is 14.2-14.6 .I hope this helps.

Charging limit voltage: 14.6V
Over voltage disconnect voltage: 15V
Over voltage reconnect voltage: 14.2V
Equalizer charging voltage: 14V
Float charging voltage:13.8V
Boost charging voltage : 13.8V
Boost reconnect charging voltage : 13.2V
Low voltage disconnect voltage: 10.8V
Low voltage reconnect voltage: 12.4V
Under voltage warning voltage: 11.6V
Under voltage warning reconnect voltage: 12V
Discharging limit voltage: 10.4V
Over discharge disconnect voltage: 10.4V
Over discharge reconnect voltage:11.6V

Hello,Thanks for your question, it is for safety cutoff for low temperatures.
Low temp cut off protection ( Charge )0℃ ± 4℃ (32°F ± 39.2°F).
Low temp cut off protection ( Discharge )-20℃ ± 4℃(-4°F ± 39.2°F ) see less.

Yes it comes with two 8×1.25x16MM hex bolts.

40a or 50a or higher?Answer:Hi, we suggest you can use 40A, Maximum 100A.

Hello,Vatrer deep cycle battery has built-in 100A BMS to protect it from overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, and short circuit with excellent self-discharge rate. With high temp cutting off prevents charging over 167 °F (75°C) and Low temp cutoff protection when charger and discharger.